Thank you for the opportunity to serve in Tennessee’s District 49!

  • Have you become increasingly concerned with issues such as:
  • The unprecedented growth of our Federal Government’s involvement in every aspect of our lives?
  • Our runaway State budget in a time of an economic recession?
  • State-run programs such as TennCare growing at phenomenal (and expensive) pace?
  • The loss of good jobs?
  • The effects of ‘Fatherlessness’ in America?  Drug addiction? Teen pregnancy?CafePorch3MediumJPG

Mike Sparks is:

  • Mike is a strong voice – Mike is not afraid to take on the special interest groups
  • Mike is a concerned Conservative, fighting to restore Conservative values in government
  • Mike is honest and fair
  • Mike is very much a supporter of our Second Amendment rights
  • Mike will stop the finger pointing and help find a solution to affordable health care
  • Mike does not support same-sex marriage
  • Mike does not support abortion

It is so obvious that the voice of the people is not being heard.  We can write letters, send emails, make phone calls and attend Tea Party rallies all we want – still we are ignored and even demonized by the ‘mainstream’ media.

Mike Sparks is your voice for the 49th House District of Tennessee.  Mike Sparks believes that some things need to be said even if the truth hurts!

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