Issues Facing the 49th District


Times are tough!  But times like these illustrate that we need business leaders who understand that jobs are created by the private sector – not government.  Mike Sparks founded in the summer of 2001 after a career at Nissan’s Smyrna Manufacturing plant.  Mike has proven that we the people create jobs but we have to keep the government at bay.

The best way to create jobs is to free entrepreneurs and small businesses to create new and products and services.  How do we free small businesses to create more jobs?  We lower taxes and reduce regulations!  This will allow free market forces to do whaLowerTaxesButtonPNGt free market forces to do best – create jobs!

You see, we, the residents of the 49th District, can come up with ideas for a prosperous Rutherford County.  For example: Encourage municipalities to reduce impact and development fees for seniors living in the municipalities thus encouraging  construction and construction related jobs.  This will also reduce seniors’ cost of home ownership.



When the Tennessee State legislature assembles in January, 2011, Tennessee will face a budget shortfall and the liberals will scream for higher taxes.  The liberals would never consider reducing the size of government.  Why not hold the line on taxes?  How about reducing government?  My family lives within a budget; I’m sure yours does also.  Why shouldn’t the State of Tennessee live within a budget?

Mike Sparks will combat the pork projects and waste that has become a benchmark of politicians on both sides of the aisle.


Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV) says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”  How much more clear can the Bible get about the love God has for the yet-to-be-born!EntitlementProgramsPNG

Mike Sparks is a strong pro-life, pro-family candidate.  Mike believes researchers can use adult stem cells – not embryonic – for research and eventually treatment.  There will be no partial birth abortions on Mike’s watch!  Period.  Why not support more adoptions as an alternative to abortion?


I know funding is the major issue facing education.  It seems all my life, all I’ve heard is ‘we need more money’.  Think about it – wouldn’t it be nice if parents were more involved?

  • Get the parents involved

    Cody Noyes, an inspiration to me.

    Cody Noyes, an inspiration to me.

  • More school choice
  • More charter schools
  • More magnet schools


Healthcare costs have risen far above the national rate of inflation for decades now.  Every politician claims they have the magic bullet.  Yet none of them want to say what needs to be said.

  • We need tort reform
  • Reduce or better yet stop frivolous law suits
  • Encourage more group health plans


Governments at all levels have gotten carried away with wanting to be a ‘nanny state’; cradle-to-grave provider of everything.  Do you want Tennessee to have the entitlement programs of California?  How about the salt ban proposal in New York?  Folks, this isn’t what this country was founded upon.

Government is meant to do a good job at just a few things – things like paving our roads, public safety and public education for example.  Government is not to rule our everyday lives!  Government is to be transparent and accountable to the people it serves!


”If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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