La Vergne anniversary noted

Dan Epright, The Murfreesboro Post, May 7, 2017

Rep. Mike Sparks, La Vergne Mayor Dennis Waldron and Rep. Dawn White and the resolution marking La Vergne’s 45th Anniversary. DAN EPRIGHT

State Reps. Dawn White and Mike Sparks presented a joint resolution from the State Legislature to La Vergne Mayor Dennis Waldron marking the 45th anniversary of La Vergne’s reincorporation in 1972.

“It is a true honor to be standing here in front of you tonight to celebrate La Vergne’s 45th anniversary,” said White. “I go out in La Vergne, and I see wonderful things happening.  This is a tight knit community, with your support of your senior citizens, with your Old Timer’s day, with all the community events you put on, with all the businesses you are recruiting.  It’s an exciting time for La Vergne.”

Sparks added his good will for the event, noting La Vergne’s reputation in the state as an industrial hub.

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