Nice Dinner with my Wife

August 22, 2013 –

Had a nice dinner with my beautiful wife Felicia at our favorite restaurant and Smyrna icon “The Omni Hut” created in a million miles of travel by Major Jim Walls.

Major Walls was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed.  He was a true visionary and genius of a man.  One banker said he wouldn’t last three months in this once tiny “one redlight” small town when he started out.

I always appreciate “The Major” and Sally Walls for giving me and countless others their first jobs in Smyrna.  From Mike Ryan, Ricky Potts,

The Omni Hut Restaurant, Smyrna, Tennessee

The Omni Hut Restaurant, Smyrna, Tennessee

John VanDerworp and many others.  The many times he carried me to the Smyrna Country Club swimming (which he owned & where Smyrna Rotary club met), out to eat, taking me fishing or searching for craw daddies are priceless today.

I shared on WGNS Radio today while talking with the new Drive In Theaters folks where I recall driving down old Nashville Hwy and passing by the old boat factory and Major Walls said “That area was once an airport called Sky Harbor and the first air mail was flown from there”.  I thought he was off his rocker when he said it. I asked Polly how many people may of obtained their first jobs there maybe 1,000 people?  It was one of the greatest honors in my life to name the road in front of the Omni Hut “Major Jim Walls Memorial Highway” with the help of Senator Jim Tracy this year.  We hope to put a road naming ceremony together soon, if anyone once worked there or knew Major Walls let me know and we can try to set a date for the event. If the Beach Boys can stop in there back in the 60s maybe we can get Governor Bill Haslam to also.

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