Tennessee State Trooper Brian Carmouche

August 16, 2013

Sen. Bill Ketron, Trooper Brian Carmouche, Rep. Mike Sparks

Sen. Bill Ketron, Trooper Brian Carmouche, Rep. Mike Sparks

Just got a nice phone call from one of Tennessee Finest State Troopers, Brian Carmouche in regards to his new assignment at the Capitol.

I told Trooper Carmouche “I’ve got a love/hate with police”, “I love em when they serve and protect, love em when they care about our community, but have no use for an officer whose arrogant and doesn’t care about our community”.  I shared with him where Felicia had an accident in the snow on Nissan Drive, carried our oldest boy Preston when he was just a few months old in the snow and ice and an officer drove by her and didn’t stop to assist” (yes, I know it was years ago, maybe I need to get over it).

About 2 years ago I watched Trooper Brian Carmouche who is a Riverdale graduate and farmer (300 acres) stop to help a stranded motorist on I-24 and Waldron Road change a seniors flat tire in the pouring rain.  I called THP to ask who he was, the lieutenant I spoke to stated, “You couldn’t of called and complimented a more finer officer”.

Thank you Trooper Carmouche for “Serving and Protecting” the State of Tennessee. Wish you Godspeed on your new assignment.

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