August 7, 2013 –

Congrats to a Nashville “Hero” of mine Sherri Jackson, founder of HUGGS (non profit) on her successful Job Fair yesterday with 150 people coming through looking for Jobs.

When I first met Sherri she shared her checkered past and her “awesome testimony” with me of being in prison and how God showed her in a dream that she would be released on her birthday.  She said when she went before the Judge years ago, he wasn’t going to release her due to another County having charges against her.  She told the Judge “Your Honor, God told me I was getting out on my birthday & today is my birthday”.  When they contacted the other County there was no records to be found. She was released on her birthday! There is no telling how many lives this girl will touch in her lifetime.

Glad to see Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy Mrs. Arthal Minter and others there to help. The picture is from her first job fair with Rutherford County Superintendent Bernard Salandy from 2 years ago. Keep up the “Good Work” Sherri!


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