State Lawmaker Urges Market Boycott

Posted by August 22, 2011, Deanna Lambert, WSMV – MURFREESBORO, TN

A state lawmaker is calling on people like you to boycott places that sell similar synthetic drug products like molly’s plant food and bath salts.

The ‘designer drugs’ keep popping up in convenience stores and markets all across the state.  They are spin offs with slightlyBathSalts different ingredients that make them legal to sell, but could be deadly if consumed.

State Representative Mike Sparks of Smyrna asked the owner of the BP Market on Murfreesboro Road in Murfreesboro to stop selling such products two weeks ago.

“The owner of this market here on Murfreesboro Road admitted to me that he knows that they are smoking it and he doesn’t care what it’s doing to people,” said Sparks.

Sparks knows the effects of the dangerous recreational drugs, disguised over the counter with clever names.

“I’m getting calls from both Emergency Room’s here in Rutherford County, I’m hearing it from the police, from the sheriff’s department. I’m hearing it from the jails,” Sparks said.

Sparks is tired of hearing about what these chemicals do to a person’s mind and body, so Sparks is now working on a state law that would prevent market owners from even being able to sell these drugs.

“But in the meantime, I’m asking the community to get involved and ask these market owners not to sell it,” said Sparks.

For store owners the markup on these products is high. The store owner at Davis Market off Main Street in Murfreesboro told Channel 4 he buys these synthetic drug items for $3 each and sells them for $14, but he says after he finishes selling this supply, he’s not selling them anymore.

His reasons for not selling the product are due to the clientele it brings in and he said he just doesn’t feel good about selling them anymore.

“I’m asking people to go in on their own, ask if they are selling this product, this molly’s plant food, under the counter, which I am hearing some still are selling the bath salts under the counter, they’re still making a profit off the backs of people who are being addicted to this,” said Sparks.

Gov. Bill Haslam just signed a new bill into law in May making it illegal to produce, manufacture, distribute or possess any of the chemicals found in natural forms of marijuana that would make someone get high.

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